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Welcome to The Planetary Society in Ireland


The Planetary Society is a space exploration outreach organisation set up by Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray and Louis Friedman in 1980, the aim of which is to enthuse all of society with space exploration.


TPS Focus

The Planetary Society (TPS) promotes space exploration and invites you to participate by keeping informed via TPS blogs, The Planetary Report magazine, TPS email shots and events. You can become actively involved through advocacy and event participation among others activities. Check out the following:


1.      Join The Planetary Society, and access the society’s major resources directly from the main TPS web site at


2.    Emily Lakdawalla’s Blog




TPS Ireland

TPS Ireland is the Ireland branch of The Planetary Society. Our focus is running events in Ireland. We are also increasing our advocacy activities for valid space exploration activity in Ireland; and provide analysis and comment on space exploration and science outreach.


Contact Kevin Nolan, Coordinator to Ireland for TPS:


Follow The Planetary Society in Ireland on Twitter: @planetarie



Upcoming Public Talks for Science Week Ireland 2012 (Click the title for full details):


The Mars Science Laboratory “Curiosity” – In search of Origins

NUI Galway: Wednesday November 14th 2012

BCO, Cork:  Friday November 16th 2012



Previous events:


1.     Mars Science Laboratory: The Search for Origins – Science Week Ireland 2011


2.     Cosmic Origins – Science Week Ireland visual talk on the latest results from space exploration - RUA RED Arts Theatre,  8th November, 2010.





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